MG Bonaire offers a very extensive collection of pearls, furniture and gifts.

MG Pearls

Crafted by our expert team of designers just for you! Genuine pearls – Real beauty at Unreal prices. Pearl Creations combine the natural beauty of pearls with our expert team’s years of design experience. You can also buy our pearls online through our webshop.

MG Furniture

The tropical climate on Bonaire in combination with the salt, the high UV radiation, the high humidity level and the possible threat of termites places high demands on the products we sell. That’s why we always pay extra and special attention on these characteristics during the purchase of our collection. Therefore with MG Furniture you can be assured of furniture and products of a very high quality, which are resistant to the tropical conditions.

MG Gifts

MG Gifts & Souvenirs offers a very extensive collection of souvenir gifts, home accessories, bonaire gifts, clothing and home decor. All with the tropical Bonaire twist. We are located in the main shopping street of Kralendijk, Kaya Grandi. Als you can find a MG Accessories en Gifts shop on the Boulevard of Kralendijk, in the Terramar building.

MG Store on Boulevard

Kaya Grandi 24, Bonaire Mall